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Science Vocabulary

The condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place
The distance traveled by an object in a given amount of time
The turning of an object on its axis
An organism that kills and eats other organisms
Measure of the amount of water vapor in the air
To transmit heat, sound, or electricity through a medium
Water changed from a liquid to a gas
A measure of the force of gravity on an object
Forces that are equal in size but opposite direction
A natural object that orbits a planet
A large body in space that orbits a star and does not produce its own light
Stages of an organism's growth and development
Amount of matter a substance or object has
Female reproductive organ that produces and contains egg cells
A physical property of a solid used to describe its surface
The male reproductive structure of a flowering plant
An organism that produces its own food
Process by which plants begin to grow from a seed or a spore
Animal that lacks a backbone
A property used to describe how a mineral breaks apart along smooth surfaces
Populations of different species of organisms living together in the same geographic area
A rocky metallic object that orbits the Sun and smaller than a planet
The amount of space an object or substance occupies
All living and nonliving things that interact with each other in an environment
To force away or apart
A push or a pull