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SOMNEO Structure and Culture

The HSC tripartite mission includes the practice of medicine, education, and ________.
P in in our SPIRIT Values
Clinical Operations Performance Improvement Councils
Chancellor of TTU System
TTUHSC has ___ total campuses.
To Improve the health of the people we serve with a SPIRIT of compassion and knowledge.
These individuals practice alongside Attending Physicians.
Number of Key Performance Indicators
In 2016 we received accreditation from this accrediting body.
Registration Staff uses this application to register and schedule patients.
Chairs of COPICS are called ________.
Our Electronic Medical Record
The School of Medicine was established during this year.
Practice Relations is a part of this Support Department.
Revenue Cycle is the time the patient presents until the balance of an invoice is ______.
MD who leads a Clinical Department.
Practice _________ houses the TTP Education Plan.
President of TTUHSC
Department with the largest number of Providers.
Number of Core Credits needed to satisfy Education Plan requirements.
Texas Tech Physicians Performance Standards.
Medical Practice Income Plan