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Unit 9 Vocab

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system or form by which a community is governed
something to believe in
study of human societies
the system of production and distribution and consumption
absorbing one cultural group
actions and activities assigned or expected of a person
concerned with the principles of right and wrong
unfair treatment of a person or group based on prejudice
media that reaches large numbers
having only one spouse at a time
strong belief in higher power
accepted or habitual practice
collect many units into one
an affiliation resulting from racial or cultural roles
Something breaking the law
prejudice based on gender
conforms to established standards
financial gain accruing over a given point of time
aspiration to live better than your parents did
collection of rules imposed by authority
belief in multiple gods
split into groups based on wealth
belief in a single god
the expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of male or female
a form of social organization in which men hold power
prejudice based on skin color
a supporter of equal rights for women
racist political party
systematic killing of racial or cultural group
having more than one spouse at a time