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A detailed program that solves a set of complex mathematical formulas
Warm period that occurs during an ice age
Area of no rainfall on the downhill slope of a mountain
Amount of water vapor present in the air relative to the maximum amount of water vapor the air can contain at that temp
Specialized radar that can detect precipitation and movement of small particles and can approximate wind speed
Combined ocean and atmospheric cycle that results in weakend trade winds.
Temp at which air neat the ground becomes fully saturated with water
A strong and cold winter storm with high winds
Describes wind, temperature, and humidity conditions above earth's surface
Amount of energy needed to raise temp of 1kg of a material by 1 degree celcius
Observable fact or event
Describes a set of weather measurements made on earth's surface
Intense tropical storm with winds exceeding 119 km/h
Boundary between two air masses
Period with below average temperature
A quantity that can change