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Civil War Vocabulary Crossword

Amber Clifford 4M
State that did not allow slavery.
To break away from a group, as the Southern states broke away from the United States in 1861.
Law passed in 1854 allowing these two territories to decide fro themselves whether or not to allow slavery.
System of secret routes used by escaping slaves that lead from the south to the north and Canada.
Loyalty to one section of the country verses the whole country.
Shutting off an area by troops or ships to keep people and supplies from moving in or out.
Confederate States of America formed by the 11 Southern states that seceded from the Union after Abraham Lincoln was elected President.
Laws designed to control the behavior of slaves.
State in which slavery was legally allowed.
During the Civil War, a state between the Union and Confederacy that allowed slavery but remained in the Union.
War between people of the same country.
Law passed in Congress in 1850 that said escaped slaves had to be returned to their owners.
Idea that states have the rights to make decisions about issues that concern them.
Law passed in 1820 dividing the Louisiana Territory into areas prohibiting slavery and areas allowing slavery.
United States of America.