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Earth Science Final Review, Part 1

As energy moves forward in an ocean wave, water particles move ________ (3 words).
Hurricanes form over ______ ocean water
The process of dissolved minerals "gluing" sediments together
The type of cloud that thunderstorms form in
Warm and wet climates causes weathering to happen ______.
The movement of soil and sediment to a different location
Evidence from fossils, landforms, climate and matching coastlines supported the idea of ___________ (2 words).
When a mineral splits in an uneven, jagged way it has the property called ________.
Vegetation, rain and soil type all determine how much _____ an area will have.
Mountains are formed when two plates collide at a ____________ boundary.
Earth's layers in order are crust, mantle, _______, and inner core (2 words).
When one oceanic plate sinks below another oceanic plate it is called ___________.
The energy that creates ocean waves comes from ______.
Earth's inner core is a _____, dense ball of metal.
The Law of __________ states that when rock layers are horizontal, the older rock layers are on the bottom and get younger as you go towards the surface.
This type of rock forms deep underground, under lots of heat and pressure.
Scientists think Earth's plates are moved around by _______ currents.
The prevailing westerlies generally push air masses from __________ across the US (3 words).
Something that doesn't contain any living or once living material
When LAVA cools it forms _______ igneous rock.
When sediments are dropped or settled down in a different location it is called ________.
________ weathering is when rocks are dissolved away or changed into something else.
Ice wedging mechanically breaks rocks by water ________ and thawing.
Most fossils form when living things die and get ______.
Cooling of air to its dew point and particles are needed to form ___________.