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Science Fiction

Far above the Green Wall the wind, the birds were tossing around
But I thought that's why we bought this house, so we wouldn't have to do anything
He feels empty, and he stares without interest at the tiny black speck and the Alps
Microweevils eat the bad, and give you something good instead
Hell of a world we live in, but it could be worse, huh? Or even worse, it could be perfect
The men were apes with human faces
There is no Master but The Master
She had heard so little coherent human speech, she was no longer certain how well she recognized it
The electric things have their lives, too
There was only Belari and the strawberry and the frozen moment of delicious possibility
How we have advanced, thanks to the Machine!
I have whatever wants Robot Central programmed me to have
It concerns itself only with the coming and the passing of the Star