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Chapter 8 5th grade crossword Kiley Reape

When France lost the French and Indian War, the _________________ was signed to give the British most of France's land in North America.
Pittsburgh is named after ___________.
A place where soldiers live in a military fort is called a ____________.
__________ urged the Native Americans to drive the settlers off their lands.
The ___________ War was the British vs. the French and their Native American allies. Both sides wanted land in the Ohio River Valley.
During the French and Indian War, the British Native American allies were the __________.
______________ was selected to take back New Mexico after the Pueblo attacked the Spanish.
Pierre ____________ d'Berville argued for the first French settlement in Louisiana.
The lands owned by the Spanish in North America was called ________.
In 1609 the Spanish capital San Gabriel was moved 30 miles to ________.
The battle of ____________ was one of the first battles George Washington led in the French and Indian War
_________ was jailed by a Spanish governor for practicing his religion in a mission.
The land both the British and French wanted in the French and Indian War is called the ________________.
______________ was a Spanish missionary that led an expedition to San Diego and founded the first California mission.
_____________ were people who carried furs and other goods by canoe.
The purpose of Spanish missions were to _______ Pueblo and other Natives to Roman Catholic.
__________ was the area France claimed in North America.
Rene Robert __________ claimed the entire Mississippi River for France. he named it Louisiana after Louis XIV.
A _______ is a religious settlement.
Coureurs _____ trapped furs without permission from France. In English they are called wood runners.