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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade Review

Teacher: John Boggs
Potential energy in stretched rubber bands or compressed springs
Tiny parts of a cell
A physical characteristic of a person
Data that is recorded in numbers
The "K" in Dear King Phillip came over for great spaghetti
The power plant of a cell that releases energy from food
Cools quickly on earth's surface and has fine grained crystals
The organic material that sits on top of the soil
A subatomic particle with no electric charge
The number of protons in an atom
Melted rock on the earth's surface
Class of animals that frogs belong to
The softest mineral. It has a hardness of 1
The color of a mineral's dust left behind when rubbed on a plate
Determined by what can scratch a mineral
Data that is recorded in descriptive words
The name of your upper arm bone
The name of your jaw bone
Melted rock within the earth
Type of rock formed from hardened magma or lava
The energy of motion
A negatively charged subatomic particle
Potential energy of an object elevated off the ground
A positively charged subatomic particle
Part of a plant cell that does photosynthesis
Body system that includes the heart and blood vessels
Positively charged center of an atom
Name of the phylum of animals that are vertebrates
Body system that includes the trachea and lungs
Type of rock formed by intense heat and pressure
Measures the hardness of a mineral from 1 - 10
The storage area inside a cell
The name of the upper leg bone