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Government Unit Vocabulary List 2

Teacher: Mrs. Conley
an elected official who represents an individual legislative district in the Senate
a document that outlines the basic laws of a state, country or organization
representatives at the state level of government
a process in which people vote for leaders
the power of a president, governor or mayor to reject a bill that the legislature has passed as law
a group of people gathered together for the same reason
the legislative branch of government established by the Articles of Confederation
a person who is an official member/resident of a city, town, state or country
an argument in favor of something
an estimate of income and expenses for a set period of time
formal changes to a document or law
an organization formed to gain political power
a person chosen or elected to represent others
an official count of people living in a country or area
the act of Congress in 1787 providing for the government of the Northwest Territory and setting forth the steps by which its subdivisions might become states
things that help all of the people in a community
an advantage gained
the branch of government that interprets and applies the laws
a structural plan
a guide or principle for conduct or action
a person who is selected to represent a group of other people
a system of rules that govern a group of people