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GRS/Division 4 2015

Teacher: Amy Perry Tipton
ACO Stands for ________ Care Organization
The amount of change in a measure that is detectable by an individual
How many ROX closes are required a month?
Without _________ there is no MISSION
ICD-10 starts when?
Taking _______ from a stranger
What company are we merging with in February?
MDC stands for______
What is our symbol for the GRS Common Purpose this year in D4?
Our program for treating patients in their homes through OPT or Group Practice is called?
What type of payments are made monthly by GHC due to selling bricks and mortor?
We don't want to micromanage, we need to ________
What is the GRS approach to mobiity and falls?
GHC/GRS approach to the changing industry and how to succeeed is?
As we coach, what type of questions should we be asking?
What gym level meeting requires the DOR to plan, prepare, ask questions to achieve better outcomes?
GRS opened business in what country last year?
As we look at patient therapy goals, we now need to consider what risk in addition to PLOF?
Population Health, Experience of Care, Per Capita Cost is known as the ________
Clinicians providing care only they can provide is Top of _________practice
What state is newly added to Divisoin 4?
Health outcomes of a group of individuals, including the distribution of such outcomes within the group is known as Population _______Management
RCD job description clearly outlines an expectation of _____________
Improving every life we ___________
Our next focus area of Back to Basics will be _________
Our next evolution in Come Find Me will include the ________ 4.
To truly change your culture, Disney recommends rupturing or shattering________