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6th Science Chemistry

The center of an atom.
The amount of matter in one unit volume (space)
The maximum number of electrons the 2nd shell can hold
Makes up 78% of the air we breathe
The amount of matter that makes up an object
The first column on the periodic table
Where the electrons are
Substances composed of only one type of atom
Negatively charged subatomic particles
The densest element.
The study of what substances are made of
Used to measure mass
The measure of the pull of gravity on an object
Mixture of metals
Neutrally charged subatomic particles
Tells the number of protons an element has
Have 8 valence electrons (will not bond with other elements)
Has a single proton and a single electron
Substances composed of more than one type of atom
Positively charged subatomic particles
Tiny particles that all matter is made of