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Math Home Work 5-8-2017

A fee paid for services usually a percentage of the total cost.
---- is a trust that lets people give things (like goods, services or money) to other people, in the hope they will repay at a future date.
A circular movement.
The percentage cost of borrow per year, including interest, fees, etc.
To make a shape without rotating or flipping it. The shape still looks exactly the same, just in a different place.
---s look over peoples money, give loans and have other financial services.
Money gained when you sell an asset for more than it costs.
A 360 angle, a full rotation, a complete turn so it points the same way.
The ratio of the length in a drawing (or model) to the length of the real thing.
A ---- is a unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters. usually used to measure land.