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French and Indian War

Colonists surrounded british soldiers, who killed 5 colonists. The Boston _____
Sided with the French in the French and Indian war
British law forcing colonists to feed and house British soldiers
The French had ___ land in America after the French and Indian war
In 1763, the treaty of ____ ended the French and Indian War
Taxes on all imported goods
Patrick Henry said, "Give me _____ or give me death"
Opposed the British, sided with the colonists.
After the French and Indian War, France give England the eastern half of the ____ Territoty
What was the effect of the Townshend Acts? A ____
Killed many Indians in the French and Indian War
At the start of the French and Indian War, who was winning?
Whay was the effect of the Intollerable Acts? It forced people to take _____
British placed a tax on all printed materials in the colonies.
British punished the colonists with the ______ ___. Closed the port of Boston and restricted town meetings.
After the British killed colonists in the Boston Massacre, the British Parliament repealed all taxes, except the tax on ___.
"No taxation without _______".
In response to the tea act, The Sons of Liberty dressed as Mohawk Indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor. Called the _____ ___ _____.
Sam ____ formed the Sons of Liberty to protest new taxes and pressure Stamp agents.
Sided with the Brittish
King _____ the Second and the British Parliament wanted the colonists to pay for the French and Indian War.