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The Renaissance

The Renaissance People & Inventions
By Katelyn Fischer
Made the sculpture The David
Painted the Feast of Herod
Astronomer who Invented the telescope
Created to get a better view of the stars and planets
Wrote Taming of the Shrew, was an actor & writer
Invented to look at objects too small to see
Translated the Bible to a language that more people could read
Painted the Portrait of Isabella & made her look 20 years younger than she was
Invented to cover walls in homes faster than having to paint
Based on the idea that one substance makes up everything else.
Painted the Mona Lisa & the Last Supper
Queen of England & lead her Navy to defeat the Spanish Armada
He encouraged religious tolerance
Through math discovered the Sun was the center of the universe
Created the printing press
Pushed for the scientific method instead of accepting things without question
He, Da Vinci, & Michelangelo painted in the Vatican.
King of England. Had 6 wives
Lead the French army to defeat the English
Created the humanist movement