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Astronomy final 2017 v2

The missing matter needed to make the big bang work
Hubble measure this property of distant galaxies
Says the night sky should be white
The push and pull that makes Europa's oceans liquid
Our home galaxy
When life uses chemical bonds instead of light to make food
Early cell-like bubbles in the primeval ocean
The same in all directions
The study of the structure and evolution of the universe
Life forms that live in extreme environments
Expansion of spacetime
The mysterious force that is pushing the universe apart
The scientists who created organics in the lab using lightning
Where liquid water can be found in a solar system
Equation that predicts life in our galaxy
Law that states the universe is accelerating outward
A methane loving bacteria
Cosmic microwave background radiation
A giant kite-shaped spacecraft that is propelled by light
The lag in time as we look at distant objects
A universe that has positive curvature
Primordial fireball