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planets--3rd grade

Tilted on its side, blue green in color.
Rocks that hit the ground of a planet or a moon.
Small, rocky object that orbits the sun.
Planets known as the rocky planets.
Stars that are in groups that form pictures.
Fastest planet to revolve around the sun, closest to the sun.
Only planet known to support life, only planet with water.
Known for its rings, has more than 20 moons.
Now called a dwarf planet.
Called the Red Planet, half the size of Earth.
Largest planet, has a large storm spot.
Covered with thick clouds, rotates in the opposite direction of the Earth.
Made up of the sun and all of the objects that orbit it.
Has a large storm spot like Jupiter,strongest winds.
Galaxy made up of the Earth, its solar system, and all of the stars.
Everything that exists including the planets and all of space.
Planets which are large spheres made up of gases.
Looks like a ball of fire with a tail, they move in orbit around the sun.