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Molly's Science

Author: Matthews
Pressure is the force or push caused by ___________
Materials ______ in water if they are denser than water
A nonliving substance that makes up or comes from the earth
Earth Material
Pressure created by the weight of air molecules in the Earth's atmosphere
The layer of air around the earth
Earth Material
Atmospheric pressure is ______ the closer you are to sea level
The source of energy that causes wind
Solar energy comes from
Materials ____ __ when they are exposed to solar energy
To _______ means to squeeze the molecules into a smaller volume.
The change of energy from one form of energy to another
Heats quickly
Materials float in water if they are _____ _______ than water.
When air molecules move closer together ________ ________ results
A Convection current is formed by this
Created when air is compresses
Good Heat Sink