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Science 7 Review

Ice, water, wind and gravity are the main agents of _________.
The process of gradual natural change over time.
The process in which sediment is laid down in a new location.
The number of all different species in an area.
When magma or lava cools, this kind of rock is formed.
Theory first proposed by Alfred Wegener.
________ currents cause movement in the Tectonic plates.
This must happen to rocks and sediment in order for sedimentary rock to form.
A species that influences the survival of many other species.
Causes mechanical weathering of rock by means of freezing and thawing.
This type of rock is formed from intense heat and pressure deep underground.
The Bending of waves as they travel from one medium to another.
This force of erosion has the most drastic effect in regards to the movement of sediment.
Hard outer layer of the Earth.