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World Geography EOC Prep

First Abrahamic religion, based around the "one-ness" of God and living simply/humbly
Religion based around the belief that Jesus Christ is the direct son of God.
Organization formed after WWII to combine the powers of North America and Europe against the Soviet Union
Imaginary line that divides the world evenly along the horizontal plane
A form of farming that allows the family to survive but little else.
Youngest Abrahamic religion. Based on the prophecies and teachings of Muhammed. Holy Book is the Qu'ran
Polytheistic religion based around the ideals of karma and dharma. Most commonly found in India
Measure of how equal people of different genders are within a country
The study of the landmarks and natural phenomenons that have influence on how/where/why people move.
The spread of culture from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
The continued process of the world become more interconnected through increased means of communication and transportation
When two cultures interact and reject each other, often leading to violent conflict
Political system in which the King or Queen has their power limited by an elected government
The rate at which newborn babies die in a given country. Usually an indicator of a country's healthcare and access to food.
Something that makes a person or group of people leave one region for another
A short lived cultural trend that is widely popular
Form of government ruled by a religious leader
Political system in which the citizens elect representatives to different branches of the government
When two different companies share the responsibility of creating a single product
Form of government in which the citizens vote directly for the laws
Religion formed from #14. Philosophical reaction to suffering in the world. Most common belief system in Asia
Organization dedicated to the regulated production and sale of petroleum (oil)