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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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6th Grade Vocabulary Test Units 6-10

I always_________________ at the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard.
A wide view of an area:________________
To crush; put down or out completely:_____________
The truck was__________________ in flames after its fuel tank exploded.
Quick an skillful in movement:______________
To wast time:_____________
Your choice; not required:_______________
To confuse:____________
The medical scientists are on the_______________ of developing a cure for the Ebola virus.
Likely to spoil or decay:__________________
The magician planned to escape from the_________________ blindfolded and underwater.
All of a person'a offspring; future generations
Sometimes I enjoy listening to my grandfather_________________ about the good old days.
To lie, tell an untruth:________________
A person who has committed a crime:______________
Our first soccer game is at our school but all______________________ games will be at the high school across the street.
To give color to something:______________
I had to reach my hand into the muddy gutter to_________________ my wallet.
Someone or thing the can predict the future:____________
To free or release from bondage
Because of high winds and the aggressive wildfires, we were ordered to______________ our house.
My brother and his friends broke our neighbor’s window playing baseball so they will___________________ them for the cost by mowing their lawn all summer.
The smallest possible amount:________________
Cranky, ill-tempered:________________
Usually my dad offers___________________ and sensible advice to problems.
From city to city, the__________________ carried his few belongings in a shabby suitcase.
The ACT science test was not that difficult for me but the math test was very___________________.
The movie was about a boy who spent his whole live trying to___________________ his father’s murder.
Our new classmates__________________ was evident when they drove up in a fancy car driven by a chauffeur.
The robbers did not know that the police were hot on their tale and about to___________________ their plans.
I hate sleeping at my grandma’s house, she has a creepy doll by the bed that has a_____________________ smile.
Unpaid or overdue debts:_________
The birthday party was filled with________________________ children running through the house tooting horns and playing games.
To meeting place; agreement to meet:______________
I had to______________ my room for my missing flash drive, it was impossible to find.
To frighten by threats:___________________
Making no mistakes:_________________
Unfortunately, our planet will not be able to sustain life as we know it if we do not________________________ her natural recourses.
Easily fooled:__________
To give up, surrender:___________________
It is hard for me to get going on Monday mornings; I usually feel________________ until lunchtime.
Awkward; clumsiness
Due to the________________ song lyrics, the radio station was not able to play the original version.
My older sister had to_________________ a cat in her high school biology class, gross!