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Statue of Liberty

Author: Josh Denney
What was the designers first name?
How many months did it take to assemble the statue once it was in the U.S.?
What part of the statue has the American Independence Date inscribed on it?
What finger on the statue is 8 feet long?
What did they put the statue in to ship it?
What island opened in 1892?
How many suicide attempts were made on this monument?
What goddess was the statue named after?
What bears the torch and tablet evoking the law?
What part of the statue is 2 feet off center?
In what state is the statue located?
How many days was the statue closed after 9/11?
How many rays does the crown have?
The statue is an iconic symbol for what group of people?
What strikes the statue at least 600 times per year?
Which of the designers family members was the statue sculpted after?
What is the statues frame made out of?
The statue served as a _______ for 16 years.
What island is the statue located on?
What area of the statue contains 25 windows?
What president dedicated the statue?
They used 300 _____ pieces to build the statue.
There were 300 ______ used to build the statue.
The statue was a gift from what country?
What lies at the statues feet?