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Weather and Climate (unit 6)

The very top and bottom of the Earth are the North and South _______
The day-to-day condition of a region.
Hurricane winds tend to move _______.
The region of earth that receives the most solar energy
When a liquid turns into a gas
Earth is heated by _____ ______.
SST stands for ____ ________ temperature.
The ________ absorbs most of the heat from the sun!
Hurricanes lose _______ over land
A large system of circular ocean currents formed by global wind patterns
Another word for a tropical cyclone
The overall temperature of a region.
What causes convection? Differences in ________.
Winds near the equator move _____.
When a gas turns into a liquid
This person created a model that showed how air moves from the equator to the poles.
The tenancy for hotter and less dense fluid to want to rise and colder and more dense fluid to want to sink is called...
The ______ _______ explains how water moves around the earth.
Clouds form when water condenses to _______ particles.