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Who's Who and What's What in Ancient Rome

and some other things, too
Don't call this guy if you want a fire extinguished in a hurry
Literally a "water leader"
Murdered in the senate, this man was high born but a political populares
The tepidarium and frigidarium were just two of several kinds
Long spear for thrusting or throwing
Old school, Greek style round shield
His 149 volumes of Roman history probably are less than fully accurate
Famous Roman infrastructure items
Hamilcar's loyal son
It takes three men to make one of these
The seemingly magic stone at the top of a Roman arch
Second of the two reformers Gracchi
One of two brothers with reforms on his mind
Julius Caesar fell for her, but some Romans thought she was "too Eqyptian"
Rectangular Roman shield
Short thrusting sword
He took a mercenary approach to military service
The Republic had two, and each served for a year
The force aqueducts depended on
Frightening sight for a Roman soldier in the Alps
Brother Romulus killed him
The Roman's version of this was better than Portland's
"a thing of the people"
His "mules" were a new kind of soldier
This man led a slave revolt