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Fill in every square! YOU CAN DO IT!
What was Johan's first T-ball team called
This team's logo was on Severin's ice cream helmet from Greaters
First name of your favorite baseball player of all time
The last name of the pitcher who pitched a perfect game with 74 pitches
A ballpark that is 420 ft to center field
Abner Doubleday invented the game known as baseball in 18_ _
The last name of the pitcher who pitched a perfect game with only 74 pitches
Last name of first MLB player born in Africa
First name of Severin's favorite catcher of all time
The height of Jon Rouch, the tallest baseball player ever
A baseball and football player
The number of wins that Cy Young received
A cheater
Severin's nickname of the White Sox
The last player to where the number 42
The state that Babe Ruth was born in
The last name of the pitcher who averaged more than 10 strikeouts every nine inings
Where Roberto Clemente died
The name of the Yankees before they were called the Yankees
Last name of a pitcher with 3.5 fingers