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It's Time for Doger Baseball

Father's Day Fun
Popular alcoholic drink at baseball games.
The guy(s) who make the decisions.
Pitched outside of the strike zone.
Base over which player bats and must return to in order to score (two words).
Earned run average.
Substitute batter.
Umpire declares player is not entitled to the base.
Player throws ball someplace other than first to try to put out a preceding runner (two words).
Incomplete or stopped pitching motion.
Made by the four bases of the baseball infield.
Ball bounces on the field and then over the wall (three words).
Runs batted in.
A barley tapped ball.
Popular main course where LA plays (two words).
Adrian Gonzalez' nickname.
The portion inside the diamond.
Best closer.
Sugar coated popcorn, peanuts, and a prize...
Runner drops his body to the ground once he is very close to the base to propel to safety.
Batter hits right to the pitcher.
Batter goes to 1st base after 4 not swung on pitches out of the strike zone.
Second half of an inning.
Major League Baseball
Hit that gets batter to second without stopping.
A mistake in fielding.
A candy bar is named for this famous player.
Best pitcher.
First man on base when more than one is on.
Team chooses to send batter to 1st and not pitch to him (two words).
Swing and a miss, or pitched in the zone but not swung on.
A fair ball hit into the stands or out of the park results in this.
Seating area for team members not on the field.
A man on every base (two words).
Advancing to the next base to which he is not entitled.
The place player stands to hit (two words).
Home run hit with all three bases occupied by baserunners. Also a breakfast at Denny's (two words).
Salty snack that must be cracked open to eat.
Runner stuck between two bases and tries to get to one without being tagged.
Number of balls and strikes on a batter.