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Washington D.C.

Easter changes everything!
Government seat. Washington DC is the __ of America
Marsh. Washington DC was built on a __
Past. History records what happened a long time __
Civil War General Robert E. __
Capitol representatives who need courage 2 stand up 2 a bully with a bully pulpit
Chilly. It can get __ enough 2 snow in Washington D.C.
Drag. Engineers had to __ granite & marble blocks 2 build Washington's obelisk
The sinking of USS __ led to Spanish-American War over Cuba in 1898 (ship's mast is in Arlington Cemetery)
Roman #2
Who will get out of a Washington DC visit what he puts into it?
Skill. Franklin had a __ 4 soliciting a French fleet in the Revolutionary War
Must. Tourists __ 2 know SAM security wears red, white & blue
Utilize. Commuters __ DC's metro
Legislature with 2 representatives per state
Washington DC is a city & district not a __
Main DC employer
Jefferson kept __ cubs @ the White House (from Lewis & Clark)
United States of America (ab). A good, godly president cares more about promoting the __ than himself & his hotels
1 or some. Tourists will try __ museum that is free
Master. Capitol paintings display Jesus as __ of America's founders
Native Americans who have a museum by the Mall
Washington DC river
Saunter along the Potomac from FDR's dog-friendly memorial to Jerfferson's "Pantheon"
District of Columbia is named after Christopher __
Leader. Washington was named after America's 1st __
Coupon. Tourists need a timed __ 4 the Washington Monument elevator
Memorial for 16th President w/Greek temple design
D.C.'s red & white flag is based on this president's family's coat of arms
Attorney General (ab). The __ is not the president's personal lawyer, the __ is the country's lawyer
National memorials 2 Washington, Lincoln & Jefferson
National military cemetery
Do this @ green light
Revise. It's hubris that leads U 2 think U can __ the Bible
Brave patriots __ battles against tyranny, they weren't tyrants themselves & draft-dodgers
Southeast (ab). The __ is a high-crime area
Diplomatic agent
DC has a huge horse statue of Civil War president Ulysses __
Antiques. Museums display Revolutionary & Civil War __
Homicide. DC is known as __ capital of America
Passageway under Potomac
Washington's Monument looks like an obelisk from this Nile country
Not off
Dulles International (ab)
United States __ America