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Mass Media Reading Final Exam B

– adj. – Having little substance or significance.
– n. – Active strength of body or mind.
– adj. – Filled to capacity
– n. – A strong and lasting effect.
– v – To do a lot of calculation using a calculator or computer. To figure out some problem by using numbers.
– n. – A determining or causal (something that causes something to happen) element or factor.
– n. – The act or means of getting rid of something.
– adj. – Relating to or involving electricity made from the energy of running water.
– v. – To speed up the progress of; facilitate.
– adj. – At a complete standstill because of opposition of two unrelenting force or factions.
– n. – An opportunity to state your case and be heard.
– n. – An occurrence of rebounding or springing back.
– adv. – In a thorough and serious manner.
– v. – To cause to be more favorable inclined; gain the good will of.
– n. – Something kept back or saved for a special purpose.
– n. – A grouping of a number of similar things.
– adj. – Having spiritual powers or qualities that are difficult to understand or to explain.
– n. – A factor that can change in quality, quantity, or size, which you have to take into account in a situation.
– n. – obsessive preoccupation with oneself.
– n. – A period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity.
– n. – Detailed instructions, as for a military operation.
– v. – To receive from someone who has died.
– adj. – Continually disturbed by an unstable situation of extreme danger or difficulty.
– v. – To lose vigor, health or flesh as through grief.
– n. – An animal or plant that died many thousands of years ago and has been preserved in rock.
– v. – To quarrel (or argue) noisily, angrily, or disruptively.
– n. – A substantial amount, usually a large piece or amount of something else.
– v. – To give up, such as power.
– n. – The study of changes in the number of births, marriages, deaths, etc. in a particular area during a period of time.
– n. – A measurement or value which gives you an idea of what something is like.
– v. – To obtain it from something else, for example, by using industrial or chemical processes.
– v. – To become ground down or deteriorate.
– adj. – Strange and difficult to explain.