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Psychology of Love

A type of love that is driven by the head and not the heart.
Is the purest and truest form of love according to John Alan Lee.
Hatfield stated that there are some factors that are associated with passionate love. This one describes when someone is "ready" for love.
Zick Rubin described the difference between like and love, this is one of the elements that differentiates love from like.
In Sternberg's Triangular Love Theory, this component of love is described as a "warm love"
Book written in 1973 by John Alan Lee; in which he talked about the 6 different types of love and colors associated with them.
You become attracted to someone who has a different scent than yours because of this chemical substance.
Name of the person that was the first to "measure" love.
Is the color of the type of love that is described as "obsessive."
These expand when you see someone or something you like.
One of the Love languages that involves giving something to your partner.
Developed the 5 Love Languages.
When people become in love, they tend to become forgetful because of this brain chemical.
You get the feeling of "butterflies in your stomach" because of an increase of this hormone.
How many forms of love did Sternberg develop?
What category of love is Storge?