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Pop Music Words of the 1970's

album, bass guitar, funky, genre, groove, hit, hook, rhythm, riff, single, track
An electric guitar with thick strings for playing low "bass" notes
A collection of songs released as a digital download or a 12-inch LP record
Part of a song that is easily remembered, often a chorus
A repeated series of chords or notes, especially on electric guitar
A song released as a digital download or, in the past, as one of two songs on a 7-inch record
A pattern of beats and sounds
A best-selling song on the pop-music chart
A recording of a song or piece of music usually within an album
A kind or style of music, movie, TV show, novel, painting, etc
A highly-rhythmic pattern repeating for a long time, especially in funk music
Having a feeling of funk music; very rhythmical