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Geometry Module 1A- Vocabulary

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Two or more lines that lie on the same plane
A piece of a line; it is made up of two endpoints and all the collinear points in between
To create a geometric figure without using tools
To create a geometric figure using ONLY a compass and a straightedge
Two points
Sliding the points of a figure the same distance and directions
Cuts an angle in half producing (making) two congruent angles
Two line segments that have equal length
Cuts a segment in half producing two congruent segments
A flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions
The new figure AFTER a transformation
A tool used to make straight lines that doesn't have numbers
Begins at an endpoint and extends infinitely in one direction
Used to calculate the coordinates of the midpoint
Two lines that do not intersect, are not parallel, and do not lie on the same plane
The original figure BEFORE a transformation
A tool used to create arcs and circles
The middle point that divides the line segment into two congruent segments
Two or more points on the same line
Two rays that extend from a common point called the vertex
Position in space with no dimension
A straight set of points that extend infinitely in opposite directions
Used to calculate the distance between two points
Three positive integers that fit the rule: a^2+ b^2= c^2
One single point
Used to find the equation of a line when given a point and the slope
Moving a figure called the pre-image to make a new figure called the image
A transformation of points in space