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Spanish 1 Syllabus Crossword

With your student open the CANVAS page for Spanish 1 and read the Syllabus to find the answers to this puzzle.  This is worth 5 homework points!
_____ will be in airplane mode and in your student's backpack during class.
You can contact Sra. Walker via ____ [email protected]
Homework is _______ each class session.
One homework assignment is worth _____ points when turned in compledted and on time.
Each marking period _____ ______ assignments will be posted on Canvas
_______ will be offered during Flex period and after school from 3:00-3:45.
_______ homework will be date and time stamped.
Students will receive a ____ score on any missed quiz, homework or test that is given. The score will be changed to a pending grade (indicated by a -) as soon as the test is taken.
Do not use an online ______ to do your homework. Use your notes and dictionary instead.
_____will be worth 12% of a students grade.
The class is taught in _________, with a minimum of English.
______ are worth 40% of a student's grade.
All ______ will be posted regularly on Canvas