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Environment of Care

What type of isolation requires a patient to wear a surgical mask
How often do we check our medication temperature logs?
What isolation requires PPE for vomiting, diarrhea, draining wounds, etc?
What needs to be drawn up in front of the patient in the rooms
How many minutes do we soak instruments in the empower?
Code we use for security threat
Does our clinic supply single dose or multi-dose vials for medications?
Prescription pads are locked and stored in whose office
Photo IDs should be worn above what body location
What is the name of the enzymatic solution we use to spray our instruments
What other high level disinfectant does our clinic use besides Cidex
What emergency equipment is checked daily and stored in the procedure room
This is performed before and after every patient contact
Which High Level Disinfectant does require a neutralizer
Abbreviation for personal protective equipment