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Spelling 2

The animals were ___________ after the cages were left open at the zoo.
History museums specialize in the ____________ of old objects so visitors can appreciate learning about artifacts no longer in use.
The ____________ in the roadway detoured all the cars down another street.
Toys for toddlers are made to be ____________, or not easily destroyed.
Buildings, roads and power supplies are part of a city's ________________.
One needs to read ____________ multiple times to make sure they will be followed correctly.
When someone doesn't understand what you are asking, then it helps to __________ your question.
Knocking over his brother's tower of blocks was ___________ behavior.
When Olivia got a new room it was a chance to ___________ all her belongings.
In class the assignment was to _____________each of our sentences to include more details.
The ___________ of the downtown was taking many months after the tornado hit the area.
The teacher wrote some _____________ comments at the bottom of my paper so I could make the story better.
Buildings,roads and power supplies are part of a city's ______________.