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Social Studies

Joshua Rogers
A crop the Mississippian planted.
Used by Indians to make work easy.
Woodland Indians used this to hunt.
Woodland Indians picked crops that they planted.
Indians put markings on their flesh.
Made by Mississippian Indians to protect their homes.
First to have contact with Europeans
Paleo Indians hunted this gigantic hairy animal.
Woodland Indians first to use this metal.
Most Indians used method to prepare food.
Made weapons form stone and bones
Woodland Indians used this to make pots.
Created permanent by Woodland Indians.
Consisting of families and communities
Lived in Georgia 13,000 years ago
Yellow vegetable grown by Woodland and Mississippian Indians,
Archaic Indians ate these from the ocean.
Paleo Indians hunted these large mammals
Archaic Indians used this pole to hunt.
Created permanent villages
Paleo Indians moved form place to place.
Woodland Indians grew this large orange vegetable.
Used by Indians to make pots
Advance tool use to make fire
Archiac Indians use this to cut wood