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Science Lab Safety Contract

Life Science Textbook   Chapter 6 pages 172-197
Use a brush and ________to clean up the broken glass.
All chemicals in the laboratory are to be considered __________.
By signing below, I am signifying that I have read and ________to follow all of the safety rules.
Labs are designed to be reasonably safe when these are followed and proper care is taken.
Experiments must be____________monitored at all times.
Do not______over a flame.
Do not immerse hot glassware or equipment into cold water, it may __________.
These must be worn at all times during certain labs.
Any violation of this safety contract that results in_______ conduct in the lab, may result in a failing grade.
Do not leave an experiment_____.
_______eat or drink in the lab.
Report any accident or injury to the _________
I realize that I must_______these rules to insure my own safety.
Whenever____ are handled, there is always an element of danger and a degree of risk involved.
If a chemical should splash on your skin, you should immediately____ with running water for at least 20 minutes.