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Psychology 9.2

SS 111
Training of an organism to withdraw from an unpleasant stimulus before it starts
A stimulus that is naturally rewarding, such as food or water
Increasing the strength of a given response by removing or preventing a painful stimulus when the response occurs
A schedule in which reinforcement is provided after a fixed number of correct responses
Learned reactions that follow one in a sequence, each reaction producing the signal for the next
A schedule of reinforcement in which an unpredictable number of responses are required before reinforcement can be obtained each time
A stimulus or event which follows a response & increases the likelihood that the response will be repeated
The technique of operant conditioning in which the desired behavior is "molded" by first rewarding any act similar to that behavior & the requiring closer & closer approximations to the desired behavior before giving the reward
A stimulus such as money that becomes rewarding through its link with a primary reinforcer
A form of learning in which a certain action is reinforced or punished, resulting in corresponding increases or decreases in the likelihood that similar actions will occur again
A schedule of reinforcement in which changing amounts of time must elapse before a response will obtain reinforcement each time
Training of an organism to remove or terminate an unpleasant stimulus
The process of influencing behavior by means of unpleasant stimuli