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6th Grade Chapter 1 Vocabulary Crossword

Kingdom of living things; its organisms are multicellular, have nuclei, and often feed on decaying matter
Group of interconnected organs that perform related life functions
Group of one or more kinds of tissues that work together to perform the same function
Type of diffusion in which water passes through a cell membrane
Whip-like tail that helps single-celled organisms move by spinning like a propeller
The basic structural unit of a living thing
Group of one or more kinds of specialized cells that perform the same function
Storehouse of the cell's most important chemical information, or the central core of an atom
Largest group of organisms that share traits in common
Movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
Small structures that look like hairs
Cell structure that performs specific functions
Kingdom of living things; its organisms are mostly one-celled but have a nuclei and other organelles