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Georgia Educators Code of Ethics

Students shall refrain from the use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, vapor cigarettes , etc. at all times especially while on school property or supervising younger students.
Students shall always maintain a professional relationship with any student under their care during mentoring duties.
Students shall follow school and county policies regarding confidential information of classmates, students, and mentees.
Students shall be honest regarding their schoolwork and interactions with teachers, classmates ,and students in their care
Students shall demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards for educators in addition to student code of conduct requirements.
Students shall fulfill all requirements for their volunteer mentoring responsibilities.
Students shall abide by all the school and county Code od Conduct requirements.
Students shall exhibit honesty and integrity in schoolwork and testing.
Students entrusted with school money and property.
Students shall maintain integrity when accepting gifts from parents of students or mentees.
Students shall report any suspicions of child abuse or students who may be violating the Code of Conduct.