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legacy of roman empire 3

A carved decoration, worn as jewelry or used to decorate vases, which shows a portrait or a scene
The calendar, first introduced by Julius Caesar, and improved by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582
The Romans believed that there exists a _____law of justice which comes from nature
Today we use Arabic numeral, but the Romans ________
The Roman Empire was connected by a vast network of _____, which encouraged trade, but which fell into misuse
The founding document of the United States which includes the Roman concept of law from nature
The wanders in the night sky which take their names from Roman mythology
The vault shaped of a half circle which rest on a circular wall.
The period which witnessed the decline of the Western Roman empire
The temple of all Gods, built in Rome in 126, whose 142 foot dome was not equaled for centuries
The name given by historians to the Eastern Roman empire, which outlasted the Western empire by a thousand years
The open air structure used to house sporting events. Today we still use the design.
The Roman philosophy whose followers believed that the most important thing in life was to demonstrate such virtues as self-control and courage
Under Roman law, all humans were believed to have equal rights, once known as _________rights. Today they are known as "human rights".
The name given to roman art, which greatly influenced the greeks
Medieval architect frequently imitated Roman designs, especially in building the great church known as a ________
The language of the Western Roman empire, and of the Catholic Church
The material used by the Romans and in modern day construction.
The major religion which appeared, and grew within the Roman empire
An arch used as a ceiling or to support a ceiling or rood, often seen in medieval churches
A wall painting