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Science Word Definitions

A mathematical calculation of the chance something will occur.
Observation that is based on numbers, (measurements).
Taking your observations and making a claim from them.
The data and observations that are gathered as results of an experiment.
The experiment that the independent variable is not applied to.
The variable that you control in an experiment.
Observation that is based on descriptions (color, shape, smell).
A claim that includes IV and DV that can be tested.
The variable that you measure in an experiment.
A part of experiment that can be measured, changed or left the same.
The reason for doing an experiment.
A set of steps used to test a question.
Using your 5 senses to gather information.
An educated guess of what is going to happen based on previous knowledge or results.
The interpretation of an experiment and the stating if your hypothesis was correct or not.
The part of the experiment that remains the same no matter what through out the experiment.