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Family Bible Study Lesson One

The New Covenant is more ___.
Human maps are ___
Every person who comes to Christ must ____.
Jesus washes away __
Tears can bring ___
The New Covenant brings ___.
Covers a multitude of sin.
Having hope makes us ___.
The place we are buried with Christ.
Grace and truth came by __.
10 commandments were written on __.
__ shall set you free.
Without this, we can't please God.
Under Law, every ___ must be kept perfectly.
The law ____ us.
The O.C. law brought ___.
Jesus became a ___ for us.
God never __ or forsakes us.
God sees the end and the ____
The Spirit gives us a ___ advantage.
God promised to never ___ our sin.
The law was given to him.
Put a veil over his face because the glory was fading.
The old covenant brought.
Jesus sets us free from guilt and __.
Faith reveals that God ____ those who seek him.
Each person must travel his own __
Jesus nailed the law to his ____ for us.
When we were dead in sin, God made us ___.