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World War I

One of the largest Germanic states
A policy following its unification at hands of Otto Von Bismark
German general that believed Germany should go to war with its enemies
Where the core of the French army was encircled
A patriotic group within Germany
German chancellor that wrote 'September Programme'
A treaty signed in 1887
A country that was an autocratic divine monarchy
A country that was considered 'Sick Man of Europe'
One of the Central Powers
Was a Dual Monarchy
A chancellor Bismark was replaced by
A failed attempt by Britain to incite a rising against the Boer Republic
An empire that was once called the 'Turkish Empire'
Overthrown in 1909 by Young Turks
Became the strongest power in Europe after the Franco -Prussian War
A policy Britain followed not wanting to be drawn into conflicts between other nations
Patriotic group in Germany
Germany's first ruler
Defeated by the Prussians in 1864
A type of monarchy Germany was
Thrown in 1909 by young turks
Application of some of Charles Darwin's theories of evolution
Rulers of Austria-Hungary
Rivalry between Britain and Russia for control over Central Asia
German guarantee of unconditional support