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A predicted reason that something happens that hasn't been proven
A measurement that is without error
The science of the world around us
The unit of measurement you would use to measure the distance across The United States
The act of determining distance, weight, temperature, volume, time
The distance all the way around a circle
The distance across a circle
The distance from the middle of a circle out to the edge
The game we played where you pick up toothpicks
A number that is ALWAYS the same
A theory developed to win a game or complete a task based on patterns
The system of measurement we use in science
Comparison of two numbers
Something that is true that has been proven
An educated guess
Ratio of circumference to diameter. a CONSTANT number
Guessing what is going to happen based on what has happened in the past
A step in the scientific process that involves paying attention to what is happening during an experiment
A miscalculation - can be random OR systematic
Something that repeats over and over