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Music in the Middle Ages

Means "new art"
Recurring rhythmic patterns
They were used to write music in the Middle Ages
Wandering musicians who also danced, juggled, did tricks, and passed along news and gossip
Poet musicians who performed for the upper class and nobility
Songs named after Pope Gregory
More than one melodic line
A style of composition developed by Leonin in which a descant part was added above the Gregorian Chant
What most music in the beginning of the Middle Ages was
A four part composition in which new words were used for 3 of the parts
Moving from one pitch to the next with no leaps
He was a student of Leonin's; he added a 3rd and 4th part to music
Who could go to music schools?
The earliest composer that we know by name
One melodic line
A way to help singers know what pitches they should sing using hand/finger positions and motions and based on syllables
Lots of pitches for a single syllable
Centers of religion, education, and music
Developed a way to write music using lines, spaces, and clefs