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Biology I - Module 3 - Kingdom Protista Classification

Phylum containing glasslike organisms (e.g., diatoms)
The color of algae in Phylum Phaeophyta.
Phylum containing Paramecia
Phylum containing Euglena
The cell walls of organisms in Phylum Phaeophyta are made of cellulose and ____ (another name for alginic acid).
Phylum containing Macrocystis
Phylum containing Plasmodia
Phylum Sporozoa contains organisms that cause the disease _____, generally spread by mosquitoes.
Phylum Sarcodina contains organisms that use _____ for locomotion.
The glasslike creatures in Phylum Chrysophyta are called ____.
The organisms in Phylum Pyrrophyta are not freshwater, but ____.
Phylum Mastigophora contains organisms that use a _____ for locomotion.
When amoeba are in life-threatening conditions, they don't form endospores, but form ____ for protection.
Phylum Ciliophora contains organisms that use _____ for locomotion.
Phylum containing Cosmarium (green)
Phylum containing Peridinium (unusual)
Phylum containing Corallina
The cell walls of Phylum Chlorophyta are made of ____.
The color of algae in Phylum Rhodophyta.
Phylum containing Amoeba
When you have a dangerous overgrowth of red algae, it's called an algal ____.