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Physical Science - Module 6 Vocabulary

Plate ____ occurs when plates slide into each other, buckle and form mountains.
The ___-Decay Theory is suported by both creation scientists and the data.
Type of rock that behaves both like a solid and liquid
Plate ____ occurs when one plate slides up and other another plate, forming a trench with mountains.
A boundary between two moveable rock sections
Type of rock formed from molten rock
Magma (contained) is released through a vent in a ____ mountain
A ____-block mountain occurs when one rock mass moves over another stationary rock mass
Piece of equipment that measures earthquake intensity
The short name for Mohorovicic Discontinuity
Type of rock changed into new kind of rock due to pressure and temperature
The boundary between the inner and outer core is the ____ Discontinuity.
Earth's crust is made up of many ____ plates.
The force of pressure that counteracts the effects of high temperature, making a solid mass, is called pressure ____.
Vibrations in the earth as a result of volcanoes or tectonic plates hitting each other.
The point directly above an earthquake's focus
The study of earthquakes
Magma can flow or explode out of the top of a ____ mountain
Innermost layer of Earth (i.e., made of iron)
Outermost layer of Earth containing soil & sediment
The event when Earth's land mass broke up into our present continents.
Layer under the top layer
The ___ Theory is believed by MOST scientists, although the data does NOT support it.
The discontinuity between Earth's crust and mantle
A ____ mountain occurs when two rock masses collide and push multiple "bumps" up
Small pieces of rock deposited by wind and water
The ____ Scale measures earthquake intensity
The discontinuity that signals the beginning of Earth's core
____ Rebound Theory says two colliding rock masses hit each other and "bend," then return to their original shape.
Plate ____ occurs when plate edges scrape against each other, resulting in earthquakes.
An earthquake's point of origin
Earth's core generates ____ field lines.
Plate ____ occurs when tectonic plates move away from each other and magma flows up into the gap.