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8th Grade Literary Devices/Parts of a Story

protagonist, antagonist, hero/heroine are the people that move the plot along and the reason that many readers stay with a story
central idea or lesson of the story, which is often abstract (greed, love, coming of age)
this how the story is told by the narrator or author; either first, second, or third person
person who tells the story and can be limited or omniscient
these are the events in the story from the beginning until the end
words used to express how the author feels about the text
this is where a story takes place in time and location
part of a story often prevents the characters from achieving their goals but allows them to grow from the experiences and then continue onward in their journey
this is how the story ends and happens after the climax
section of the story where the main conflict is resolved
The feeling the author creates within or at different points of the plot