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Environmental Health

Occurs when two chemicals administered together interfere with each others actions.
A method for describing and estimating the effects that a proposed project or policy may have on the health of a population.
Health law that was past in 1970, that regulates air emissions.
The combination of two chemicals produces an effect that is equal to their individual effects added together.
One of the 27 institutions and centers of the National Institutes of health, and is home to the National Toxicology Program.
Leads the nation's environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts. Was founded in 1970.
Considered to be the founder of modern toxicology.
As applied to toxicology, the lowest dose of a chemical at which a particular response may occur.
A major international agency that is responsible for environmental health at the global level.
The degree to which something is poisonous; denotes the amount of a substance that can produce a deleterious effect.
The inherent capability of an agent or a situation to have adverse effects.