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Biology - The Evidence Around Us - Lessons 1-6

____ is the process by which large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules.
____ break down dead organisms into small, useable parts.
The prefix "bio-" means ____.
If a bacterium has -bacillus in its name, it has a ____ shape.
"Macro-" means ____.
If a bacterium has -spirillum in its name, it has a ____ shape.
"Chromo-" means something has ____.
Organisms from Class ____ can survive high temperatures and harsh chemicals near deep hydrothermal vents in the ocean.
The ____ membrane regulates what comes into and out of the cell.
Process when bacteria are joined together with a tube in order to replicate.
In ____ reproduction, offspring are identical to the parents.
When a bacterium's cell wall breaks down and spills its contents out and other bacteria come and "shop," this is called ____.
Cytology is the study of ____.
If an organism depends on other organisms for food, we say it is a ____ organism.
____ make their own food.
Zoology is the study of ____.
The dye, ____, is a pigment that cells absorb as blue.
"Chloro-" means the organism contains the pigment ____.
The ____ is the small circle of extra DNA in a bacterium.
If an organism makes its own food, we say it is ____.
Organisms that do NOT require oxygen for life are called ____.
The ____ layer had representatives of almost every known phyla.
"Micro-" means ____.
Long whiplike structure responsible for locomotion in a bacterium.
____ are responsible for protein synthesis.
Bacteria are classified in Kingdom ____.
If you see the prefix "photo-" in a name, it means the organism uses the process of ____ to make its own food.
Botany is the study of ____.
The study of created kinds is called ____.
____ is the process by which small molecules BUILD larger molecules.
If a bacterium has -coccus in its name, it has a ____ shape.
Another name for uncondensed DNA.
Another name for cytoplasm is ____.
In ____ reproduction, offspring are a blend of parental characteristics.
Organisms that require oxygen to thrive are ____.
Members of Phylum Mendosicutes have an ____ cell wall.
"stereo" means ____.